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Sofie Rapid Awareness FAQ

What languages does Rapid Awareness support / Which languaged can I send alerts in?

 You can send alerts in any language available in the Advanced Settings, found under: Settings > General Configuration > Advanced Settings > Available Language Options. This includes: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, German (ch), Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese (ja), Japanese (jp), Korean, Norwegian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish (se), Swedish(sv), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. 

What language will the end user receive the alert in?

End users receive alerts based on the language setting in their MS Teams. For instance, if a user's MS Teams setting is German, the alert will be in German. However, if the language in a user's MS Teams settings is not supported by Rapid Awareness, they will receive the alert in the Default Language as configured in the customer's admin manager under Settings > General > General Configuration > Default Language. 

How is the 'default language' set for Sofie alerts? 

Rapid Awareness uses the languages you currently have activated in your settings. If you would like to have additional languages enabled for Sofie, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they can help you set these up.  

Will my alerts be auto-translated into multiple languages?  

Currently, alerts cannot be auto-translated into the additional language tabs. If you wish to send an alert in an additional language, you’ll first need to auto-generate the alert in the default language. Subsequently, use your regular translation process outside of Sofie to translate the content. Once translated, you can then copy and paste the refined translations into the relevant language tab.   

What happens if you try to auto-generate an alert from an article that is in a language not currently supported in the admin manager? 

When a source article is in a language not supported by SoSafe Admin Manager, the system will translate it into your default language. For example, if an Italian article URL is entered and Italian is not supported, and your default language is English, the system will aim to translate the Italian text into English. 

Can you see a preview of the alert before sending?

The alert creation screen has been designed in a way to mimic as close as possible, what the end user will see within MS Teams. There is no specific ‘preview’ screen as of yet prior to sending an alert.  


However, the user will be able to see a record of a previously sent alert via the alert log. screen. 


What does a Rapid Awareness alert look like for users? 

Users will receive alerts as a direct message from the application Sofie Rapid Awareness in MS Teams. 


Open questions? Please contact your Customer Success representative – they will be more than happy to assist you with any further questions.  

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